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The Institute for Relationship Intelligence reaches thousands of teens each year in urban & suburban areas of northern New Jersey with messages of healthy relationships, self-leadership and service to others. In the last 2 decades, I.R.I. has reached more than 125,000 youth, helping them to focus on achiev¬ing their future dreams and avoiding the traps that could endanger their lives and goals! Funded in part by a federal Title V grant administered by the New Jersey Department of Health, IRI offers the following programs for youth ages 11 to 18.

4 Stages of Relationship Intelligence Training

Stage One: Relationship Intelligence Training Presentations & Workbook Activities

Relationship Intelligence Training presentations are used to engage teens about choices and consequences in achieving a successful life as well as the risks posed to future goals by teen sex, alcohol and drug use. Medical facts and real life stories about people who became infected with HIV or other STDS are presented and discussed.

Students are asked to clarify their future dreams and life goals. Other topics include safe dating, refusal skills, dealing with media and peer pressure, discovering self-worth through helping oth¬ers, and the benefits of healthy relationships and marriages. Roleplaying of refusal skills & participatory learning help students to internalize the ideas being pre¬sented and apply them to their own lives.

Stage Two: After-school Free Teens Clubs

Teens who have completed Relationship Intelligence Training education are invited to join an after-school club that meets at locations in northern NJ throughout the year. The Relationship Intelligence curriculum is used as the basis for weekly teen discussions. Members also participate in Community Service Projects. At the annual year-end ban¬quet club members are honored for keeping their commit¬ments and for contributions to their communities.

Stage Three: “Parenting LoveSmart Teens” Workshops

These workshops are designed to give parents the information and skills they need to confidently communicate with their children about healthy relationships and avoiding cultural lies and traps that could sabotage their lives!

Stage Four: Free Teens Media Institute

Through the Free Teens Media Institute, teens who have come to think more critically about culture in the light of their personal goals and ideals are trained to communicate through one or more or the following media: Video production; Theater; Music; and Poetry/Spo¬ken Word.

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