Mount Olives Church of God, Inc’s From the Start is BIG in Essex County. BIG on teens, BIG on the right information and BIG on getting to a brighter future in healthy family formation. The 30+ year old Church has been funded as a Title V grantee since 2011 with the NJ Department of Health- Child and Adolescent Health’s Abstinence Education Program. The goal since has always been to help youth and young adults create an informed persepective on the benefits of avoiding risky behaviors such as teen sexual activity, From the Start.

Since then, MOC’s From the Start has been approved to provide instruction in all Orange Township schools with 6th and 7th graders. This year, with State support, the reach extended to 19 year old students. From the Start teaching has also happens at schools all over East Orange, Newark and Irvington. Classroom presentations and meetings organized by community sites with youth often use YES You Can!, an upbeat, interactive and medically accurate curricula from the New Jersey Physicians Advisory Group.

The mentoring program is another key From the Start piece, meant to nuture in each child a sense of importance, value and responsibility. Healthy decision making—tools are built into the Positive Youth Development framework, as is community service learning, tapping into individual gifts and talents and an overall sense of belonging.

The Mission: providing strong, empowering messages about self- worth, dreams worth believing and setting goals that help those dreams become realities for our youth.

Program Components:

  • Classroom Presentations
  • Positive Youth Development
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Photojournalism and Artistic Expression Programs
  • Peer Mentoring Programs
  • Community Service Learning
  • Parent Engagement Programs
  • Parenting Wisely (c) Programs
  • ESL Services



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Beatrice Turenne



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Mount Olives Church of God
From the Start
24 Cleveland Street
Orange, NJ 07050

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