Parents, take the “Predictors of Sexual Risks” Survey!

Is your pre-teen/teen at risk for sexual activity, pornography, unhealthy relationships, and/or dangerous liaisons? Do they lack goals for the future and feel like they have few options? Here are signs your adolescent/teen needs more supervision and guidance like that provided by the programs on this website: • Is home without parents/guardians for long periods of time. • Has few/no rules about phone use. • Watches [...]

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Stan Weed: Predictors to Delay Sexual Involvement

Dr. Stan Weed, the founder of the Institute for Research and Evaluation, is a leading researcher of Sexual Risk Avoidance education programs in the U.S. and internationally. Reference: Excellence & Ethics: What are the key predictors of a teenager's decision to delay sexual involvement? Stan Weed: Based on our surveys of tens of thousands of middle school and high school students, we find at [...]

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